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If you’ve received a medical diagnosis of IBS, then Gut DIRECTED hypnotherapy IS AN EFFICIENT AND VERY EFFECTIVE WAY TO TREAT YOUR IBS

Research has found that hypnotherapy, used alongside standard medical treatment can contribute to improving the quality of life for IBS sufferers. Success rates of 60-80% for reduction in symptoms are common. Discover how gut focused hypnotherapy can help give you your life back.

“There is such good evidence that gut-directed hypnotherapy is the best treatment there is for IBS, better than any of the medications doctors prescribe.”

~ Isobel Mason, Chair of the UK’s Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum.


When your IBS flares up ……   

  • Do you feel anxious and out of control?

  • Are you desperate to get some relief?

  • Do you feel helpless and just totally fed up?

  • Are you furious with the situation?

  • Is it all just so unfair?


So far, medicine has not been able to find a cure for this costly and distressing illness. The good news is that research has found that the symptoms are very treatable with hypnotherapy.


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